Boat Rental Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this _____ day of ___________________, 20_____, by and between ____________________, of _________________________, hereinafter called "Owner", and ______________________, of _________________________, hereinafter called "Renter".

BOAT         The boat which the Owner agrees to rent is:

_________________ _____________________ ___________________

________________ ____________________ ___________________

Owner represents that to the best of his knowledge and belief that said boat (and motor, if any) is free from any known faults or deficiencies which would affect safe and reliable operation under normal and prudent usage.

Owner further represents that all required lifesaving and safety equipment are aboard the boat and in good order and condition at the time of delivery to the Renter.

RENTAL PERIOD         Owner agrees to rent the above-described boat (and motor) to Renter for a period of ____________, beginning at _____ a.m. on ____________________ and ending at _____ p.m. on _____________.

USE OF BOAT         Renter further agrees (a) that the rented boat shall not be used to carry passengers or property for hire; (b) that the rented boat shall not be used to carry passengers or property in excess of the rated capacity of the boat; (c) not to use the boat to tow or propel any other boat, barge or thing without the owner's written permission; (d) not to use the boat (or motor) in any race or competition; (e) not to use the boat (or motor) for any illegal purpose; (f) not to operate the boat (or motor) in a negligent matter; (g) not to operate the boat (or motor) outside the area of use designated in this Agreement; (h) not to permit the boat (or motor) to be operated by any other person without written permission of the Owner; and (i) not to remove the motor from the boat for any use whatsoever.

INSURANCE         Renter hereby agrees that he shall fully indemnify Owner for excess shall be returned to Renter.

RETURN OF BOAT, MOTOR AND EQUIPMENT TO OWNER         Renter hereby agrees to return the boat, motor and equipment to Owner at his address stated above or such other address that the Owner shall so state no later than ___________.

TRAILER         This Agreement shall include rental of Owner's boat trailer for transportation of the rented boat/motor/equipment during the term of this Agreement, and such use shall be subject to the general conditions and limitations of this Agreement.